The Plan

I have started a rough plan as to how to achieve my goals:
It is rough, but its a work in progress. Comment if you have any suggestions!


  1. Best thing to do is have your goals well defined and you have done just that! Putting $36,000 into the market will be quite an accomplishment. My wife and I have been doing the same for about 2.5 years now and its tough. Keep your expenses in line is a key aspect to meeting your goals. It doesnt matter if you make 100K or 50K, saving 50% of either will result in FI within roughly 15 years based on previous stock market returns.

    I look forward to following your journey


  2. Thats really the trick here... Keep your expenses in line. Americans especially have such a problem with this. Im no different but i hope this blog will help me be more accountable! Appreciate the comments!

  3. Plan looks great get your expenses as low as possible so you reach your cross over point sooner than later you will be surprised, at your rate i doubt it will take 16 years you can probably do it under 10 years.

  4. Don't forget to live a happy life and share generous with the ones you love. Even though that means some more expenses. There's too much to see around us! Furthermore: well done, blog looks good!